The muscat - the most varied Bulgarian variety

The dish is a Bulgarian white wine produced by the crossing of Riesling and Dimyat. The Misket variety is most popular in the sub-Balkan wine-growing region, the Rose Valley, in particular the Karlovo area. The disco is divided into many varieties, among which Misket Vrachanski, Misket Kailashki, Muscat Ottonel, Misket Cherven and others. The combination of Misket with its crosses - Dimyat and Riesling, is the secret of coupled wines, called royal or euxinograms.

Red Misket is known for different names according to the regions: Turnova (Shumen), Romashina (Tarnovo), Blue Violet (Vrachansko). Red misket is very rare in other countries. It is spread mainly in the Sungurlar Valley and Straldja. The ribbon ripens late - at the end of September. It yields average yields and has good fertility. It requires attention because of its sensitivity to rot. From it, you get high quality white table wines, which have a harmonious and light mousetone taste, rich yellow color and pleasant aroma.

The Vratza Misket is distributed in the Vratsa region and in the experimental bases of viticulture. The grapes ripen in early September and yield average yields. It is generally resistant to decay, but care must be taken with it during periods of drought. The grapes have a strong and harmonious Misket flavor, which is a prerequisite for obtaining wines with a lasting taste that are suitable for serving with dessert.

The Misket Kailashki variety is artificially created using the crosses of Hamburg Misket and Villar Blanc. It can be found in many places in Bulgaria, in the regions of Pleven, Vratsa, Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo. Grapes are ripening in October. They also have a strong and harmonious taste that makes it suitable for making dessert wines and natural sparkling wines.

The Markov Misket is a cross between Ottonel and Terra Promese. It was established in 1976 in Plovdiv. The vines give a high yield and the grapes are strongly saturated with sugars. Desserts and table wines are produced, which are juicy sweet and with a strong aroma. The wines are very clear, fresh, harmonious, and yellow in color.

The musk also belongs to the muskets, but it is not an original Bulgarian variety but an import from France. It is used rather to make brandy, and rarely for pure variety wines, despite its freshness and aroma.