The wine in the valley of the Struma River

The Struma Valley borders on the west with Macedonia and on the south with Greece and is named after the Struma River. It is also known as the Southwestern wine-growing region, because it includes the southwest parts of the country. The area is not large enough, but it is famous for its Mediterranean climate coming from Greece, and it determines the warm climatic characteristics of wines from this region. The resulting wines are characterized by warm southern tones in the aroma, full of taste and variety for the taste buds.

There are the famous varieties of Cabernet and Merlot, growing in the valley of the Struma River. Both grape varieties are foreign, originating in the Bordeaux region and distributed in southern France. They have close taste characteristics and give excellent wines when combined with each other.

Merlot has a nice color, but it's too tender grapes and matures faster than Cabernet. Merlot is the most important red grape variety in Bordeaux, resistant to diseases but is sensitive to soil salinity.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a very vivid variety, famous all over the world for its excellent qualities. Unfortunately, it is capricious and often has a low harvest because it grows up and its stems are dying. Typical of the variety is that when grown in a cooler climate, this highlights its distinctive varieties and makes them palatable to the palate. Cabernet has a high content of tannins, which implies its longer aging and predisposes its coupling to other varieties.

Melnik is the most famous town in Bulgaria with its wine production and even has grapes named after it, which is a popular region around Struma.

The Broad Melnik Vine, known only as Melnik, is a red variety grown in and around the Struma valley.

UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill buys 500 liters a year of wine produced from this grape. Wines of this variety are of particular interest with their wealth and density. They have a scent of perfume and tobacco, a rich and hard texture, sometimes sweet, and during aging and aging they have pleasant exotic flavors. Like Mavrud, Melnik has a lot of tannin and likes to mature in oak barrels.